• 7.00am: Parking opens and coffee available from Core Cider House

  • 7.30am: Plate pickup open at the registration tent (to save yourself time, pick up your plate in Wembley Cycles)

  • 8.40am: Race brief at the registration tent (compulsory for all riders)

  • 8.50am: Riders make way to start line

  • 9.00am: 50km race starts

  • 9.05am: 30km Race starts

  • 10.00am: The Event Food and Cider Marquee opens for spectators and competitors

  • 11.00am: First riders finish

  • 2.00pm: Presentations begin

Getting There and Parking

The Core Cider House is located on Merrivale Road Pickering Brook.  All parking will be in the Pickering Brook Primary School on Pickering Brook Road and behind the Catholic Church on the corner of Pickering Brook Road and Merrivale Road. PLEASE DO NOT PARK ON MERRIVALE ROAD OR AT CORE CIDER HOUSE.  Volunteers will be onsite to guide you to a parking spot. 

The Course

The course for the Kalamunda 50 and Kalamunda 30 will not be released before the event. Rest assured that it will take in the absolute best singletrack that Kalamunda has to offer. Like us on Facebook to see sneaky course hints in the lead-up to the event!

Entry categories

The following categories are available for the 50km:

  • Open Male (minimum age for this event is 18 as at 31/12/19)

  • Open Female (minimum age for this event is 18 as at 31/12/19)

  • Masters Male and Female (40-49)

  • Super Masters Male and Female (50+)

  • Single Speed Mixed category

  • E-bike mixed category. All bikes must be pedal assist only and meet Australian Standards.

This race will be open to solo competitors only.

The following categories will be available for the 30km:

  • Open Male

  • Open Female

  • Junior Male (minimum age of 14 as at 31/12/19)

  • Junior Female (minimum age of 14 as at 31/12/19)

Please note that entry for Junior categories is only $15. We will not make any exceptions on these ages.


The open male and open female categories for the 50km event will be awarded with cash prizes from 1st to 5th place.

  • 1st – $500

  • 2nd – $300

  • 3rd – $200

  • 4th – $100*

  • 5th – $50*

All other categories will receive product prizes from our event supporters Specialized and Wembley Cycles. *There must be a minimum of 10 entries in the category to award 4th and 5th place prize money

Emergency Procedure

For your safety please save this number into your phone and carry it with you during the event:

  1. John Carney (race director) 0407 932 513

If you come across an injured rider, you are required to stop and help them. If they require assistance, stay with them and send the next rider to arrive on the scene to seek assistance from the event hub. In an emergency situation, call the event director immediately. The event director will either send out St Johns first aid officers or call an ambulance depending on the situation.

Food and Drink

In past years Core Cider House have put on a special pre-purchase meal and pint deal for competitors following the event. We endeavour to offer the same deal in 2019 with negotiations under way as to the exact meal that will be offered for competitors to satisfy their post race hunger and thirst. We will be sure to keep you updated!

There will also be a selection of other great foods available such as arancini balls, chips and pulled pork burgers.  For those wanting to dine in the Core Cider Cafe please book ahead and bring a change of clothes.

To give your day a kick start Core Cider House will have their coffee machine running at the downstairs bar from 7am.  Get in early for your pre-race kick start.

Event Hub

The event hub will consist of the registration and race HQ tents, along with a number of event supporters.

Toilets are located adjacent to the race village along the bottom side of the Core Cider House building. Please make use of these facilities rather than disappearing into the bush when nature calls!


The event hub for the Kalamunda 50 and Kalamunda 30 is Core Cider House.  The Core Cider House grounds are a beautiful place to kick back and enjoy a cider and a picnic.  Throughout the race there will be race updates and a great view of the riders as they come back.  The first riders will be finished in just over 2 hours so there will be plenty of activity all day.

For those of you who know the Kalamunda circuit well you will be able to go to some of the key locations on the circuit to see the riders coming through.  We will publish more spectator points once the course is confirmed.

Please be aware of your surroundings, and avoid walking on the track or interfering with riders. If you do need to walk on the track, please walk it in reverse direction so that you can see oncoming riders. We encourage you to vocally support the riders with “pedal pedal pedal”!

Start Line Procedure

At the completion of the race briefing the race director will instruct all riders to make their way to the start line for the race start.

The start line layout relies on self seeding. This requires all riders to be honest about their abilities! We will be basing starting positions on the Perth MTB Club Cross Country gradings.

If you race A Grade XC, position yourself in Group A on the start line. This is for elite level racers who are battling for the podium. If you do not belong here, we will politely move you!

If you race B grade XC, or consider yourself a fast mountain biker and have intentions of finishing high in the rankings, position yourself in Group B on the start line.

If you race C grade XC, or consider yourself an average to experienced mountain biker who has raced before, position yourself in Group C on the start line.

If you race D/E/F grade XC, if you are racing for enjoyment and are not concerned with winning, or if it is your first race, please position yourself in Group D on the start line.

Please remember that it is a long race. If you start at the front and burn yourself out 5km in and hold up a bunch of riders, they will not be impressed!

Finishing Procedure

There will be a finish arch with electronic timing mats on the lower grass area of Core Cider House.  Once you have crossed the line please move away from the timing mats so as not to interfere with the timing of other competitors or confuse your time on the system.

All competitors must finish within 5 hours to be considered a finisher of the event.  There will be a time cutoff at 15kms. For those that miss the 15km mark they will be directed to follow the 30km course.

Please make sure that if you pull out of the event you alert the registration tent so we have a head count of who has finished.


The most important rule we would like to draw attention to is passing etiquette. Many people believe that the rider getting passed should control passing. We believe that the control should be given to the experienced rider, who is generally the faster rider making the pass.

When you approach a slower rider and want to make a pass, make a clear, loud call of ‘RIDER’. When you identify a safe opportunity to make the pass, call ‘ON YOUR RIGHT/LEFT’ and proceed to pass. If you are leading other riders who are also passing, indicate the number e.g. ‘ON YOUR RIGHT/LEFT 3 RIDERS’.

Please consider that you will most likely be passed and pass the same people throughout the event. Some of you will be incredibly strong on the opening uphill section but may lack the single track skills.  Please be aware of those around you.  If you are walking at any point please get right out of the way of those behind you.

Most of all have fun out there and enjoy the experience with those around you who are there for the same reason.  Keep smiling and encourage each other.

Please report any passing incidents to the race director at the Event Hub.

Please remember that headphones are not allowed when racing.  This is an instant disqualification.


More details to come but we will have photographers on course on the day.


It is important to consider dieback every time you ride your mountain bike. Dieback is a plant disease that threatens our native vegetation. You need to ensure your bike is clean before and after every ride so that you dont transport Dieback from an infected area of bush to another uninfected area (including your backyard).  For more information on dieback, please visit


No refunds will be given within two weeks of the event.  If the event is postponed because of weather or because of warnings from either the Shire of Kalamunda, DBCA or emergency services no refund will be given.

If you are injured you can provide a Doctors certificate to obtain a refund before two weeks.  Within two weeks of the event a credit towards another Single Track Minds event will be offered.