The idea behind Single Track Minds is creating awesome mountain biking events, that show just how much fun mountain biking can be – whether you’re out there to win or whether you’re in a team with some friends just thinking how good it will be to cross the finish line. Our aim is to have you enjoy mountain biking just as much as we do.

Key objectives for Single Track Minds are:

  • To encourage more people to join mountain biking as a social, fun, challenging and healthy form of physical activity
  • Making fun yet challenging events for all levels of mountain biking, and in particular encouraging children and women into the sport.
  • Encouraging the creation of sustainable, diverse and well marked trails that increase the accessibility of the sport to all levels of mountain bikers.
  • To raise the profile of mountain biking and demonstrate the social, economic and environmental benefits to local communities and natural environments.
  • To provide value for money for participants, sponsors and partners