Plate Collection

Before you can race you need to pick up your race number plate as this is your identification and includes your timing chip (so please do not bend your plate!)

To avoid the Sunday morning queue and get some more pre-race snooze, you can pick up your number plate at our Bikes and Beers night at Wembley Cycles on Thursday July 11th.  Come in for a drink of one of Perth’s finest ales, pick up your plate, get some bike or race tips from the guys and girls or just enjoy meeting some other mountain bikers that will be out there on the day.  You can also grab all of your nutrition requirements and anything else you might need such as gas canisters, spare tubes etc.  Here is a list of suggestions to take with you for the race.

  • At least 1 litre of water for every hour that you think you will be out there.

  • At least 1 form of nutrition for every hour that you will be riding. We have fantastic nutrition available at Wembley Cycles including Clif bars and bloks, Shotz gels, Pure Hydration, 32GI hydration and GU gels. It is much better to be carrying too much food than to run out half way around a lap.

  • 2 tubes

  • A good pump or CO2 canisters

  • Tyre levers

  • Spare chain link and chain breaker

  • Multitool

Plate collection will begin at 5.00pm Thursday and will continue at Wembley Cycles until Saturday 5pm.