Who can enter the event?

There is an age limit for the event.  If you are entering as a solo we will only have an open category.  That means you must be over 18 to compete in the 6 hour solo categories.  If you are in a team of two the age limit is 16 and if you are in a team of 3 the age limit is 13.

Why are there age limits

The age limits are set in place by MTBA (the governing body for mountain biking in Australia).  These guidelines are there to safeguard the health and enjoyment of mountain biking for juniors.  Single Track Minds is a strong advocate for these age limits and for the solo event we will not accept any letters from coaches or parents for children under the age limit.  What we do encourage is for those parents or coaches to join their young chargers and form a team and enjoy it together.

How does the six hour work in a team

The team event is a relay event.  Only one member of the team rides the course at a time.  At the end of six hours it is the team with the most COMPLETED laps that wins.  The lap will be short enough that each member of the team will be able to complete more than one lap each.

Can a team member do more than one lap at a time

Yes! You can order the laps however you like.  You may have one very fit rider who wants to do more than one lap at a time and they can do as many laps as they like.

How does the two loop format work?

Loop A will be used for the first three hours and Loop B will be used for the second three hours.  So how does this work?  At exactly the 3 hour mark of the race we will close Loop A and open Loop B.  If the lead rider (or any rider) comes through at 2:59 they will be directed out on to Loop A a rider coming through at 3:00 will be directed out on to Loop B.  With the design of the course the lead rider who was directed on to Loop A should still come out ahead (we have designed the course with this in mind).